Wedding Party


Matron of Honor: Maria Camacho

My sister and I grew up sharing a bedroom together, which was something I enjoyed much more than she did since I was much younger. I wanted to be just like my sister when I was growing up, so I stole her clothes and followed her around, which she loved especially once she started dating in high school. She was always my role model and taught me how to run as my assistant coach for cross country during my freshman year of high school. I grew up watching her run races, listening to all her 90’s CD’s, and raiding her closet.

When she moved to Phoenix, I was very sad to see her go, and after becoming very busy with college myself, we didn’t get to see each other as much as we would have liked. I would come to visit during Christmas break and fell in love with Phoenix because of her. I feel much closer to her after moving here and enjoy running with her at night once her kids have gone to bed. – Laura

Amy Kenning

Amy and I met Freshman year of cross country and found out we were in many of the same honors classes together. Amy and I both look back at high school and can’t believe how nerdy we used to be. We honestly had no idea how nerdy we were because we were having a great time having sleepovers and hanging out at her pool. We got through the awkward phase together, and that’s quite the achievement when it comes to long-lasting friends. I’ve never not had a great time around Amy, and our sense of being ourselves comes out the best when we are around each other. Amy works full time as a nurse and is in the process of becoming a nurse practitioner. – Laura

Talia Arndt

Talia and I met in a counseling class that is required before you start physical therapy school. I remember she made me a homemade card after I was going through a hard time and I thought it was the sweetest thing ever. She was my best friend throughout PT school, evident by the fact that Talia would write messages on all of my notes during class. Talia was my roommate during our first year and spent literally all night studying together and then going out for pitchers of margaritas the next night after we were done with our exams. We shared cadavers called Harold and Bertha, and I distinctly remember Talia taking out poor Bertha’s eyeball. We probably had a little too much fun in school as Talia was named during our “Senior Superlatives” as “most likely to be on a reality TV show” and I was “most likely to be late to their own graduation.” Talia is now a traveling PT and hopefully will be making her way to Arizona for her next rotation. – Laura

Kasie Siegler

Kasie and I met in high school because I had the same group of friends. I remember instantly liking Kasie for her sweet disposition and kindness toward everyone. She was a down-to-earth country girl like me, and later she ran cross country and track with me and Kasie. Kasie and I became even closer in college and spent summer nights watching chick flick movies at each other’s houses. – Laura

Carrie Ewersmann

Carrie is my sister-in-law and ran her first marathon this summer. I instantly liked Carrie when she started dating my brother and liked that she knew all the good country songs that my brother and I liked. She also has the cutest kids – Micco, Cece, and Lucy. – Laura


This one time, WWE flew us to New York and put us on TV as Mountain Dew spokesmen.
This one time, WWE flew us to New York and put us on TV as Mountain Dew spokesmen.

Best Man: Danny Schlag

I guess you could say I’ve known him all his life. We didn’t always get along as kids but by the time I went off to college, we drew a lot closer to each other. Once I graduated and was ready to get the heck out of Tucson, it was natural that we move in together. We shared a lot over the few years that we spent under the same roof as adults, and we watched a lot of pro wrestling too! As he embarks on the next stage of his life in Hawaii, I’m glad that he’ll be there for me on the big day. – Josh

Micah definitely played a role in my love for rolling around in dirt and mud.
Micah definitely played a role in my love for rolling around in dirt and mud.

Micah Zahler

We met Micah in college. He was like the weird old guy in the dorm. Though he was older than us, he had a lot of living yet to do. I mean, he was super picky with food and he barely even drank beer. I’m happy to report that a lot of that has changed, as he (along with Wo and head mixologist Michael Allmandinger) leads the charge with finding great beers and developing the best cocktails. Micah and I really shared a love over the late Bert Schlag, the best pug that ever lived. – Josh

Mike Mainwold

There’s a photo floating around with a whole bunch of us on the same fifth-grade little league baseball team. We were terrible. I think our first win was in round one of the playoffs (everyone gets into the playoffs because, y’know.. millennials) – but that was it. It wasn’t a super memorable season, but I’m glad I got to meet Wo, Beck, and Ster – even if we didn’t develop close friendships that year. Heck, it was nearly a decade later in college where it all came together. He (and his wife Whitney) – Josh

I'm a little surprised he actually came home from New Orleans.
I’m a little surprised he actually came home from New Orleans.

Derek Montilla

If you know Derek, it won’t be any surprise to you that our first interaction took place over Twitter. Not long after, we both happened upon each other at a WWE show in downtown Phoenix. We both probably thought the other was a total weirdo, but before long he joined us on a side project of mine – The Steel Cage Podcast… and you could say that the rest is history. We’ve traveled the country following our love of sweaty men rolling around in very little clothing, and have developed a friendship over our mutual love of beer and pugs as well. – Josh

Michael Ewersmann

My brother left his job as a civil engineer a couple years ago to become a co-owner of the nursery with my dad. He is my inspiration that being as country as possible is the best way to be. Our favorite things to do when I was in high school and he was in college was to go to county fairs, rodeos, and any country concerts. He was pretty fun growing up although he always put me to work on his next project, which involved building forts, teepees, and picking blackberries that we found in the woods behind our house. – Laura